Quick turn me right side up!

No no no, it's much more fun to be upside down! I can now check "make pineapple upside down cake" off my bucket list. I'm not sure how I've never made it before considering I love pineapple, but it took baking for a friends dad to remedy this situation! He's been going through a rough time so I asked what his favorite dessert was (since we all know a little something special always lifts your spirits). She told me he loves anything with pineapple, so after some google searches I decided on this bad boy.
My friend said he ate it over the course of two days, so I'm guessing that meant it was good! That's the worst part about giving someone a cake... there is no easy way to taste test it without it looking like a mouse got into the cake!
What do you do when making a cake to bring somewhere for the first time? Bake two so you can test it? Or plan ahead and test drive the recipe? I seem to like to fly by the seat of my pants and hope for the best :)

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Anonymous said...

Nana always baked a tiny cake along with the big one. I had little play-baking pans, and she would use one. Then when it came out of the oven, we would have a little treat. She never seemed to have a problem with knowing when it would be done. Of course, you couldn't have tiny pineapple rings.

Jeanne said...

I try to make something that already has lots of reviews. Then you know it's probably good.

Mom said...

Nana always made a small cake along with a regular one. I had a set of play bakeware that could actually go in the oven. She never had a problem knowing when it was done and ready to take out. Then we would have a little treat.

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