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Have you been watching this season of Top Chef? I was super excited to see Stephanie (winner of season 4) on it last night as a guest judge. I loved her season and was rooting for her the whole way! (and no it's not because we have the same name, although that didn't hurt :) ) (giveaway info at the bottom)

Quick fire! No bowls/cookware allowed, you must use tin foil to make anything you want, but the  twist is everything in the pantry is wrapped in tin foil, and once you open it you have to use it. I must say beating eggs in a makeshift tinfoil bowl was rather ridiculous. A few other hilarious things going on in the kitchen: Bart using his head to make a bowl out of the tin foil, he also fashioned a strainer to use. Also hilarious was Stefan trying to guess what his protein was "goat balls" thankfully he guessed wrong. Kristen took the win and therefor immunity with an almond sponge cake, she rocks!!

Onto the main event! It's a match up between chefs, win and you are safe from elimination, loose and you are up for elimination. The main ingredient... Berries! I'd totally make some jam, I mean how couldn't I? :)

The contestants must cook at the berry farm and it becomes pretty obvious pretty quick that there isn't enough equipement or space, these chefs need to learn how to share better! Kristine who has immunity explains why she wants to win todays competition, with the $10,000 she can travel home to Korea which is where she was originally from but doesn't remember, she was adopted when she was 4 months old. Seriously can this girl get any more likable, I love her and want her to win it all!

A quick rundown of what everyone made:

  • Stefan and John matched up with Gooseberries. John has a white gespacho with chirizo Stefan has tuna with asian vinaigrette. John wont shut up about Stefan using frozen tuna, it gets old really fast.
  • Josie made a rock and raspberry roll (heavy on the mayo) while Lizzie did a pork with a raspberry liquore.
  • Sheldon made ahi summer roll with strawberries. Micah made strawberry marinated fried chicken.
  • Danyele did a chicken tourine and Josh made something with blueberries that I'm blanking on... must have been pretty memorable ehh?
  • Brook has a chocolate mouse smore kinda thing, the idea sounds seriously delicious. Bart has a rhubarb salmon soup, which sounds really gross, adn the judges agreed that it would have been perfect without the salmon.
  • Kristen made a matcha goat milk custard with olive oil macerated tayberries.

Bottom 5: Micha. Josie. John. Bart. Danielle.

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And the winner is Kristen! Yes! Love her! She is seriously amazing.
The looser packing their knives... Danielle.

GIVEAWAY!!! (you skipped straight down to this didn't you? It's ok I still love you)
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To enter, comment on this post and share your favorite Holiday recipe or Top Chef challenge/moment, it's that easy! You have until December 26th 2012 to enter, so go on and comment!

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Valerie Garrison said...

Hmm...favorite holiday recipe is tough. Ooh - it doesn't have to be Christmas! I made a pepperoni and cheese mummy (wrapped in pastry dough) for Halloween once. It's by no means a go to recipe flavor or health-wise, but it's one of my favorites in terms of creative, fun and easy.

Jeanne said...

For me it's not Christmas without cinnamon buns. My grandma always made them to give to the families, so it makes me think of her. She doesn't make them anymore, so I've started to. Love them!

Mom said...

Dad and I found a recipe for unbelievable chocolate mousse in the New York Times in 1976 when we first got married. It's the real deal, no shortcuts. We have been making it for special occasions ever since.

I am always trying to watch my eating during holidays, tricky time for me as a bariatric eater. I usually replace one meal with a protein shake so I can keep my calories down, keep my protein up (which keeps me satisfied longer). Here's link to my bariatric blog posting featuring a new protein shake recipe: White Lightening. The ingredients are simple enough, 2 tablespoons P28 White Chocolate Flavored Protein Spread, 1 scoop Designer Whey White Chocolate Protein Powder, 6 ounces unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze Almond Milk and a cup of ice, process well in a blender. http://thegobblinggurley.com/?p=735

amandamcfaul said...

My favorite holiday recipe is this eggnog quick bread: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/eggnog-quick-bread/detail.aspx

I am obsessed with egg nog. Trying to be healthier, I discovered the silk nog and it's really good!

natalie@thesweetslife said...

favorite holiday recipe are candy cane cookies: http://www.thesweetslife.com/2009/12/candy-cane-cookies.html

My favorite holiday recipe is Cheesy Hashbrowns! Here is a similar recipe to the one I make, but I use potato chips instead of corn flakes: http://www.crystalfarmscheese.com/recipes/recipe-view.cfm?RecipeID=4010a

Hannah said...

Oh man, is it ever tough to pick just one favorite holiday recipe. For this year, I think it would have to be my nog truffles. Those were such a huge hit that everyone's been asking me to make a second, much bigger batch! (http://bittersweetblog.wordpress.com/2012/12/17/holly-jolly-nog-gy/)

Holly said...

I love my grandmother's Date Nut Pinwheel cookies at Christmas time! And I love Top Chef! I need to catch up on that episode!!

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