Top Chef Quick Fire: SUSHI!!

OK people may have been laughing at Josh adding bacon to sushi last week... but seriously, one of my favorite rolls comes with bacon :) Traditional, not so much. Delicious, oh yeah!!!

It's called a valerie roll and I hands down would have made it as my quick fire challenge. Let me spell it out for you: Tempura shrimp crab stick, hot sauce, cream cheese, bacon, tomato and spinach.
As for a backup... I'd make: Spicy salmon tempura'd with Dinosaur BBQ sauce!

So in case you didn't know Josie got kicked off last week. So that means she went up against the current reigning champ of last chance kitchen: Kristine *who i LOVE* Long story short Josie lost so now it's time to #saveachef you can save Josie, or CJ. I'll tell you now I'm all over #savechefcj #TopChefso go tweet to vote now! Or vote online here.

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2 chews:

Hannah said...

Heck yes! I'm all about nontraditional sushi. The classics are always good, but uninspiring; it takes real talent to create something new out of such a time-honored preparation. It may take a bit more work, but making sushi at home is always so much more satisfying, because then you get to throw whatever crazy ingredients you want into it!

Tracy said...

Non-traditional is totally fine with favorite roll ever is the Dancing Diablo roll from California Rollin' with the Dinosaur BBQ sauce slathered all over it. ;-)

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