Thirst Quencher

I'm more of an eat my calories than drink my calories kind of girl, so when a really tasty low calorie drink comes out I'm super excited. I mean drinking straight up water gets boring kinda quick doesnt' it?
Now I personally wouldn't call the half and half low calorie, it's 110 and 28g of sugar per bottle. Sure compared to a soda it's low (less than half the sugars)... but I haven't drank full on soda since I was in middle school. Which was like 6 years ago.... or something...
I'm the one of the right... could my pants be hiked up any higher to my waist? Sweet bangs too ehh? ANYWAY... The half and half was delicious but more of a treat for me personally. As for the Honey ginseng green tea. YUM! And an all the time kinda drink if you ask me! 0 calories a serving if I remember right. Yeah... the bottles are gone and recycled already. You can thank John who gave me a sip and then polished the rest off without me seeing. Now I just need to go out and find some to hide and not share with him, cause that taste was GOOD!  :)
Products supplied by Lipton, thoughts and opinions are all mine. 

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3 chews:

Jeanne said...

That is one awesome outfit!!!

Bee said...

Yum! My downfall is sugary drinks too :\ I'm glad there are other options!

Tracy said...

Love that photo of you - adorable! :-)

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