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This past week on Top Chef was intense! The quick fire challenge was to make a dish with only what was available at the camp(did I mention they needed sled dogs to get there??).

Since I don't have easy access to recreate that quick fire challenge I've decided to recreate the elimination challenge, which was to create a dish that represents the defining culinary moment in your life. To recap: Brook made a Pan-Roasted Halibut, Panzanella Salad with Red Currant & Beet Vinaigrette. Josh made Foie Gras Three Ways: Torchon, Pan-Seared & Profiterole... I wouldn't be able to get behind that one... and Sheldon made Pan-Roasted Rockfish, Spot Prawns, Baby Vegetables & Dashi (sounds delicious!!).
Seriously doesn't that look good?? (Photo from

I wouldn't say I have a defining culinary moment, considering I'm not a trained chef. Or an untrained chef at that! I'm just little old me, home cook, making stuff up as I go along. This would be the top reason I'd get kicked off top chef wicked quick :) So instead I'm going to talk about my first culinary moments, that in truth I think really impacted my love for cooking now.

Yup that's a very happy me and a ball of pizza dough. Although I spent equal time cooking with my Dad, my Mom, and my Nana growing up, I always immediately think back to making pizza dough with my Dad. He'd whip up a batch and break off a smaller piece for me to knead and make into my very own personal pizza. Since making a standard pizza probably wouldn't win me any points on top chef, I'd give it a little twist and make these pumpkin, pesto, bacon pinwheels. Hearty, delicious, with a little bit of bacon for Josh tossed in :)

Take your favorite dough and pesto recipe and whip those up. Roll out your dough and cover half with the pesto, the other half with pumpkin puree, top with bacon, roll into pretty pinewheels, slice and bake at 350 until light and crisp!

Check our the finale part 1 here:

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