Revolt 2.0 - week 1

Hey guys! This past week I started Revolt 2.0, basically Nichole took our feedback from the first 6 week program and made things even better!! I'm excited to say there are 3 levels of workouts for each day of the week and the videos explain all the moves at the beginning. The advanced level has really stepped things up so I felt like I was really pushing myself this past week.

The bad news is I took a fall during a 5k this weekend and will be off my feet for a bit. I'm hoping for a speedy recovery, but this week will have to focus on upper body and abs, since I currently can't put any weight on my one foot. Great...

Here's a before picture from the color run.. no after since I got to take an ambulance ride back to my car. Oh joy! Photo from Amanda. Oh and did I mention it started snowing as soon as the race started... BRRRRR come on spring, where are you??

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Full disclosure I am getting free access to the Revolt site in return for blogging about my experiences. All opinions are all my own.

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Jen said...

Hope you're ankle is better super soon!

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