Revolt- week 5

Hey guys, I'm here for my weekly Revolt update! AND cute picture of Hobbes day! So to start things off... here's an adorable shot of her!

ok one more with adorable legs sliding out from under here on the hardwoods.

Back to revolt! I'm into the 5th week and I tagged along with John on a business trip. One awesome thing about this trip was that the hotel was attached to a seriously SWANKY gym! I took full advantage of their huge kettle bell and cross fit area and really upped my weights this week. I think I've been holding myself back some by trying to do all the workouts at home. I hadn't realized it until I got into a gym and started swinging some serious weight around. Guess it's time I move my workouts back into the gym. I'm still liking how the workouts switch up every week, it's keeping me interested and my body confused (that's a good thing). My only complaint is sometimes the videos to show you the moves aren't up for the day by the time I want to get my workout in.

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