Coconut Muffins

You know me and healthy muffins? I just can't help myself!!! These are a new favorite and they came about by mistake. There were suppose to have blueberries in them... but guess what? I forgot. YUP. I'm awesome. They came out so tasty though I wanted to tell you about them!

I've actually just been asked to join a new group of awesome food blogger over at Food Fanatic and you can find the recipe for these Blueberry Coconut Muffins right over there. I'm super excited to join their team as their "healthy cooking fanatic!" how awesome is that??

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6 chews:

Ashley Bee said...

Yum! I'm trying to avoid bread for a while, but when I'm back on it I'll totally make some coconut muffins.

No bread!?! horrors! I couldn't handle that LOL. :)

Hannah said...

Always happy to have more healthy muffins! This is a habit I can fully endorse. ;)

The Duo Dishes said...

ha Who needs blueberries?! Totally not necessary. They still look just as delish.

Tracy said...

These look amazing, yum!! And I'm so glad you've joined us at Food Fanatic!!!

thanks for having me! :)

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