Revolt- week 6

OK guys! I'm done with my first revolt uprising (6 week program) and ready to start my second one! As I told you from the start I was going strictly on her workouts and not following her diet. Having said that... I'm basically the same weight as I was to start. Are my muscles more defined, yes. Did I loose some fat and gain some muscle, I'd say yes. Am I going to follow the diet in the next uprising to loose some actual weight this time? ....

I thought about it, I did, but I'm still not going to. Here's my reasoning: I want to eat in a way I can maintain, sure if I restrict my calories I'm going to drop some lbs. but as soon as I go back to my normal ways... guess what? The lbs will come back. So I'm planning on sticking to her workout, adding in a little more of my own cardio, and see how it goes. In reality even if I use her plan as a maintenance plan, I'm happy. I love the variety of the workouts and I love being able to fit them in so quickly.

If you want to try her workouts she's offering a free revolt two week preview here. No signing up or anything, you can just go watch the videos and work out along with her. Give it a try! Seriously it's a nice way to make yourself stick to a routine, and personally I really enjoy them!

OK Hobbes time :) Since posts with no photos are no fun!

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Jeanne said...

Interesting. I think more muscles at the same weight is pretty great.

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