Rocking tshirt redo

I just finished writing up this post... I was putting the finishing touches on it. I typed something I did like so I hit Control Z (edit undo) and for some reason it undid the whole post... as I was staring at the blank screen totally dumbfounded, it auto saved, talk about adding insult to injury. There was no undoing, nothing to bring back that long detailed post. I may have started cursing my head off...maybe...

*sigh* I do still love this shirt, even if I have to rewrite this whole darn thing. You see, it's a halter top, but with a wicked fun drapped low cut back. A single braided band attaches at the base of the old armpits holding everything together (and making it so you don't have an accidental side boob slip). It's my new go to workout shirt! Well minus the sports bra for the photoshoot. It's harder to see how the back attaches when you have a sportsbra in the way.

So yeah, this + a sport bra = my new go to workout top for hot spring/summer days! It's rather easy to make and comes together with only a few stitches in a couple spots. If you make your own and blog about it please leave me a link in the comments! I'd love to see, and if you could link back here to the instructions I'll love you forever :)

Now onto the steps... just follow along with the photos and you'll be sporting this sassy shirt in no time.

First start by folding your shirt in half down the middle.

Once the sleeves and neck are gone open and fold so that the armpit holes line up and the shirt is on its side (2nd image down). Then with a gentle down slope, cut off the back from bottom of armpit down. (3rd image down)

Open up the now freed back and cut away excess as shown in 2nd image down, then cut each of the straps into 3 pieces.

Braid each strap and knot the ends. Cut one strap off at shoulder and reserve the braid (we will attach it to the back in a moment). Create the halter top by sewing or tying the remaining attached braid to the other shoulder (2nd image down).

Finally take your reserved braid and attach each side at the bottom of the old armpits (if your shirt has side seams this is a great indication of where you should be attaching things. Try on and walk around town like a badass. I mean you might as well show off the muscles you've been working hard on right?

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Jeanne said...

Cool tee redo! I can totally see you rocking that while doing your revolt workouts!!

Hannah said...

Wow, I love this! I have about a hundred old t-shirts I'm not crazy about anymore, so I'd love to try out this technique and create something I'd actually like to wear.

Cute! I love how it looks completely different. I am terrible at getting out my sewing machine, so redo projects that involve sewing always seem more involved than I am willing to get, but this I can do.

You could totally figure this one out! It's so super easy it's just asking to be made :)

Tracy said...

You are so freaking talented!! We need to get together for another sewing session. :-)

Yeah!! Lets totally get together for a sew fest!! Sounds fun!!

Casey said...

Am I allowed to make this even if I haven't been to the gym in 6 months? :)

FaveCrafts said...

What a cute project! I love it so much that I decided to feature it in our roundup of upcycled t-shirt crafts! Check it out here:

Have a great day!

Awesome! Thanks so much for featuring me!! Love all the tshirt ideas!!

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