We went to Ithaca this past week for a good friend's wedding and then stuck around a few more days to hike and eat all the tasty things in town. We had a wonderful time! If you go, you HAVE to stop at the Ithaca bakery, the shear number of sandwich options is unreal. We may have eaten lunch there...ummm... every... day... Yup, it was that good. Don't worry we hiked crazy inclines every day to make up for all the delicious things we ate.

Another one of the awesome things about the bakery... they have OPERA CAKE!! We had this on our honeymoon and haven't been able to find it in Rochester, score!!
We also found this SWEET playground that was totally empty for some reason (perk of hiking a state park on a school day)... so I felt the need to take the place over and play on every piece of equipment they had. 

And now for a very rare sighting of the illusive husband! Always around but somehow ever running away from the camera. Notice my tight grip so he wouldn't slip away.
More Ithaca bakery yum.

More waterfall hikes

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Mom said...

Glorious pictures!

Vanessa said...

Seriously, what camera/lens do you use?? Your shots are amazing. :)

Thanks :) I have a canon T3i, some of those shots were done with the stock lens, a few are with a 50 mm f/1.8 lens. The waterfall shots are done in manual mode and balanced on a rock, high number aperture and longer exposure time to get the water motion. The last one I used my hat to block the sun from hitting the lens so I wouldn't get flares.

Vanessa said...

I really want to get a lens that goes down to 1.8 for my Sony... I usually shoot in aperture priority mode, but my current lenses really can't get me the depth I desire! Some day when I have money, I guess. :)

Tracy said...

Gorgeous photos, Steph! Looks like you had a blast. Also, hello Mr. Steph Chows! ;-)

The canon one I linked to is only $110! So as far as lenses go, not too bad :)

Hannah said...

Wow, those photos are unreal, especially the ones with the silky waterfall... Really, the way that you froze them with a slow shutter, they look glossy and soft, so serene... Amazing work!

Jeanne said...

Looks like an awesome time!! The waterfall pics are awesome!!

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