Potato Salad

Happy 4th or July!! And happy belated Canada day! Both are a reason to celebrate, which makes me immediately think of BBQ's, which then make me think of hot dogs and potato salad! Don't worry I'm not making hot dogs, which leaves us with potato salad!!!

No potato salad is finished without a good helping of bacon and hardboiled eggs if you ask me. If you also ask me what kind of mayo I use in my potato salad you might be surprised to know it's Vegenaise. Yup. Vegan mayo + bacon + eggs = me bastardizing vegan food.


But really the stuff is super tasty, and the bonus is that if you leave the eggs and bacon out of half the recipe, your vegan friends can be happy to. So head on over to Food Fanatic and get the recipe for Skinny Potato Salad and fire up that BBQ!!!

What do you all have planned for the 4th? Or what did you do on the 1st if you're up north? :)

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