Quick Sunshine Winter Hat

Love the burst of sunshine this hat brings to these overly cold autumn days. Seriously, it just snowed last night! It's looking way more like Christmas outside than it is Thanksgiving. That probably also has to do with the fact everyone already has their lights up and ON!!!??? Seriously people, can't we just celebrate one holiday at a time?

I get it I get it, last weekend was warm, so you wanted to put your lights up while it was warm. That's fine... could you just restrain from turning them on until after Thanksgiving maybe?? It's bad enough Wegmans had all of their decorations up (I kid you not) the DAY AFTER HALLOWEEN!?!?! Really!!! Come onnnnn now!

Sorry rant over. Back to this awesome amazing winter hat. You can find the pattern for free over at Gleeful Things. She has a bunch of fun free patterns, so go check her out!! I love when people post free patterns, it's the best!!

How are all of my US readers celebrating Thanksgiving this week?? For my non US readers, what are you all up to this week? Anything fun?

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