Crepes oh how I love you!

When I moved into my first apartment in college the first cooking items given to me by my parents were a crepe pan and a spatula... and I still have them!
As a kid, Saturdays were dads day to cook breakfast, the only catch was we had to let him sleep (at least until 6) or we only got cereal. Good plotting on his part! He's the best short order cook around. My sister would want pancakes, me crepes, mom french toast and he'd whip it all up in 5 minutes not batting an eyelash! Still to this day when I go home to visit I look forward to dad's breakfasts :) Below are dad's crepes, slightly modified to be made a little healthier :) sorry dad!

Simple Crepes

1 cup whole wheat flour

1 tbs sugar
3 eggs
1.5 cups milk

1 tbs oil or melted butter
1 tsp vanilla

Mix flour and sugar, pour milk over top, add eggs, oil and vanilla, whisk together. Pour a 1/4 cup at a time into a buttered crepe pan (having a crepe pan is very important trying to make these in a frying pan is awful!!) tip pan around to let batter coat the pan. These cook very quickly so keep an eye on it! When it starts to bubble flip to cook the other side.

I made PB and jelly crepes last night. Jelly was always my favorite breakfast time filling. But you really can add anything in, eggs, cheese, salad, chicken! Literally anything you can think up just roll it up like a burrito and enjoy!

Mom just suggested filling them with cottage cheese mixed with some sugar and cinnamon! yum! Then she went on to say "Nana would wrap them around the cottage cheese filling, or the jam. Then line them up seem side down in a buttered baing dish. Making sure they had butter on them so they wouldn't dry out. And bake them for a little bit to serve as a dessert. You can make them ahead of time. Then pop them in the oven as you finish eating dinner."

I think I'll have to make some more crepes!

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I love the whole wheat crepe recipe! And the whole roll them with filling, butter and baked...uhm, YUM! That sounds so good! Right now!

I love crepes and I love that you did them with ww flour! Sounds wonderful!

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