Operation Baking gals! I'm hosting!

Hey guys! I'm going to be one of the 5 people hosting Operation Baking Gals! this next month!!!

We will be sending cookies to a very special person! I'll be introducing him next week! As for now I'm looking to recruit anyone who would like to bake for the troops! The shipping this month will be a week long, beginning August 23 - 29th. So you basically need to have your package in the mail at some point that week. The post office has flat rate boxes (large and a still large but slightly smaller one). I sent the smaller box and still fit in about 4 dozen cookies! When you pick one up from the post office (the box is free) ask for a customs form. Also when you mail the box make sure they know it's for an APO, it's cheaper that way. Go here to learn how to pack your goodies up so they make it there safe and sound and how to fill out the form!

If you are interested in joining my "team" and sending cookies send me an email to stephaniesnow (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know

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Thanks everyone for supporting this!!


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April said...

Oh, Stephanie! count me in on this!!! I was telling the hubby about it and he was excited about it as well!

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