TCHO choclate new flavors!

The people at TCHO rock! Awhile back a bunch of bloggers helped with feedback on their beta chocolatey flavor... now they have sent us the final formula along with the beta for "fruity"!!! ANNNND I just got an email saying the beta for "nutty" is on it's way!!! Bring on the chocolate!!

there was a ton more then this in the package obviously... but I had to limit myself!!

The package came with ice packs to ensure the chocolate did not melt in transit, I must say when I got the package and saw it was 3 lbs I got all excited there was 3 lbs of chocolate inside... hehe psych out! It was 2 bars of chocolate plus FOUR ice packs. WOH. Now onto the sampling... The people at TCHO have done it again, their final chocolatey formula was delicious. Not bitter at all, super smooth, a little sweet, and reminiscent of milk chocolate with some slight coffee undertones. DELICIOUS!

Now onto the beta for fruity. Having it right after the chocolatey maybe wasn't the best idea... in comparison it seemed a bit smokey and a little bitter... so I went and drank a ton of water to cleanse my palate and sat back down. A much better idea. This time I could really taste the spectrum of the chocolate opening up and develop into fruity undertones. Letting the chocolate melt on your tongue really lets you taste the depth and range of flavors... but man is it hard to not just munch right in! The more I had of the "fruity" the more I seemed to like it. However in a taste to taste comparison I'd say chocolatey wins.

Either way TCHO is doing great things and I CAN'T WAIT!!!! to try beta "nutty" YUM!!!


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