24 24 24... wooohooo

I have a surprise... and it's pretty exciting...

So foodbuzz says it's ok to talk about it now... Not sure if you know anything about FoodBuzz but they hosted the first ever 24 24 24 last month... 24 meals, 24 blogs, 24 hours. It's basically a big party held all over the world!! So I wrote a proposal to take part last month but I didn't get picked to host :( but I did this time!!!!! Wooohooo!!! So on Saturday I'm hosting Cold Comfort a fall flavors ice cream tasting!!! It's like a wine tasting but better since it involves ice cream ;)

So make sure to check back on Sunday to read all about the festivities!

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Meg said...

That is SO awesome! I am so excited for you! I can't wait to see all the details!

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