Quaker - True Delights

So I received some Quaker True Delights in the mail to sample through FoodBuzz - very cool. I had seen these show up on the shelves recently and was excited to give them a try. They sent three different flavors:

I first tried the toasted coconut banana macadamia nut. Fake banana smell and taste seriously makes me want to gag so this bar would most likely be my least favorite... but the use of real dried banana was a pleasant surprise and it didn't have a fake or overpowering banana smell or taste! Score 1 for this bar, but I must say I'm a bit more excited to try the other two flavors. The cherry one looks amazing! I'll let you know how it goes latter today at snack time :D

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2 chews:

April said...

I recieved these too yesterday. I tried the dark chocolate raspberry one. It was wonderful! Loved it!

stephchows said...

Since April tried the raspberry one I figured I'd try the honey roasted cashew mixed berry... OMG this may be my new favorite granola bar... huge chunks of nuts, cherries, mmmmm it looks more like something you'd make at home than something mass produced. I would totally buy this flavor!

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