Homemade pasta

Happy Fat Tuesday!!

Pasta is one of those things that tastes 100 times better when it's home made, and in truth it really isn't that hard to make. I grew up making pasta dough, among other delicious things, with my Dad. He's 1/2 Italian and grew up where it was the men in the family's job to make pasta. He has two daughters so I get to inherit the men's role :) Ravioli is always my favorite to make with him! Tonight though I was going simple, just a little fresh pasta to have with some breaded zucchini and some red sauce. It's so simple, yet SO FLAVORFUL!

There was pasta hanging/spread out EVERYWHERE when John got home!

All you need is a pasta press and you are good to go! Doesn't it just look pretty :)

A quick dip in a pool of boiling water and we were ready to chow!

Whole wheat pasta
1 1/4 cups whole wheat flour
2 eggs
dash of salt
drizzle of olive oil

Pile flour and salt in a large bowl (or if you are brave, right on the counter) create a well in the center and crack eggs into it. Beat eggs with a fork and slowly start incorporating the rest of the flour into the center until well mixed. Then use your hands to kneed the dough into a ball, at this point you may need a little more moisture so a little drizzle of olive oil will do the trick! Cover with plastic wrap and let rest for about 20 minutes at room temperature.

Divide into small pieces (around 8) and work through pasta machine to flatten. Start at the highest number on the side and work your way thinner (lower number) I only did mine to a 3... for ravioli we aim for a 1! Thick dough ravioli is a pet-peve of mine... BLEH! I like mine THIN! Anyway... once you have your nice thin sheets, crank them through the cutting part of the machine (the part in the front right side of my photo above). I did a thicker fettuccine cut as apposed to a spaghetti size width. Separate the pieces and hang to dry. Once you are done cutting all of the dough boil up some water and get ready to chow! Make sure your sauce is done first though, since this pasta will cook up quick (4-8) minutes depending on how thick you made it, and how dry it's gotten since you made it.

Drain and serve it up with your favorite sauce or whatever else you like!

Come back tomorrow for the zucchini recipe, a perfect meal if you are celebrating ash Wednesday and can't eat meat tomorrow... or for a Friday in Lent... or you know if you don't ever eat meat :D

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April said...

Very impressive!!! I have wanted to try pasta, but never have. This makes me want to leave work and go straight home to try it.

Meg said...

Looks delicious! I am impressed!

Anonymous said...

Yum! Homemade pasta is the best!

stephchows said...

You ladies totally need to try it! It's the best :)

aleta said...

You should include a caveat: homemade pasta is easy to make when you have a pasta press and rack! I tried to do this a year back with all purpose flour, a rolling pin, a pizza cutter, and a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.

I ended up with gooey pasta that molded the next day. Literally.

It was only after that I learned how to properly equip oneself. It was a lesson hard learned. =)

Reeni♥ said...

Homemade pasta rules!

Sara said...

I love homemade pasta, never made a whole wheat version before. I definitely need to try this.

stephchows said...

Aleta, that sucks!! bleh! mold?? I've NEVER heard of that happening! I definitely say in the post all you need is a pasta machine, makes life so much easier (i've never tried without one... too much work hehe). As for the pasta rack, I've never used one. I'm sure it makes life easier but I don't think it's a necessity :)

Thanks so much for this wonderful looking recipe, Step! Just last night I was scouring the web for a 100% whole wheat pasta recipe and I didn't really find one that appealed. Yours looks great and I can't wait to try it! :)

Vicky said...

I agree, homemade pasta IS 100% better. I don't have a pasta machine but after making some 'white' pasta with my rolling pin, I'm probably going to get one.

I'm now going to try making it with whole wheat flour. I'm guessing homemade with whole wheat is at least 100% better than manufactured whole wheat pasta (yuck).

Thanks for posting this!

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