Montreal part 2

OK I lied... I said next up opera cake in ottawa... you'll have to wait since I forgot I had more of Montreal to tell you all about! Please send complaints to management... oh wait that's me...

Not sure why this is in old town... but had to take a picture by it.

I met up with three cute round ladies and had some great conversations.

We ate delicious pizza made by two hungover college kids who couldn't understand why oh why we'd honeymoon in Montreal... thanks guys... the restaurant wasn't on the main drag of old town so it was quiet and a perfect find! And the two guys who served as cook and waiter were more than entertaining :)

Check out my reflection in the puddle... ooo artsy. "uhh john what are you taking a picture of?"

You have to go to Maple Delight, they have gelato made with maple syrup!! And it's delicious!! I had this weird named one that was basically coconut with chocolate pieces in it... but they wouldn't call it coconut... it was delicious!!

Right before we headed to catch our train back to Ottawa we stopped at what looked to be an amazing pastry place... and got this slice of cake that cost $10... $10???? for a slice of cake... this better be freakin amazing...

yeah... it wasn't :( so if you are in old town... don't go to this place.

5 chews:

Jeanne said...

Love the b&w pics! And the reflection shot is super-cool.

Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures! I loved Montreal when we went last summer. Glad you enjoyed it too!

sorry the cake was a disappointment though.

Natalie said...

that pizza looks awesome!!

Ashley said...

yum!! I have an almost identical picture as yours with the three ladies - too funny!

Guess hungover young kids can make good pizzas! Too bad they can't make cakes.

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