Opera Cake

So now I get to tell you about Ottawa, it is so beautiful there! There is just amazing architecture wherever you look.

The only thing is when I travel I turn into a total tourist... if there is a statue within site... you better watch out, because this girl will be posing right along with them.

Yeah a sad attempt at pretending to be a lion, but had us both giggling for a good 10 minutes straight :) OK now that you've had your laugh let me tell you about the best dessert ever. This was by far our favorite dessert shop from our entire honeymoon. I ordered a pistachio cake, it was super tasty...

Yeah that's honey on top... *drool*

John ordered an Opera cake and it blew our minds...

According to Wikipedia...
Opera Cake is a type of French cake. It is made with layers of almond sponge cake (known as Joconde in French) soaked in coffee syrup, layered with ganache and coffee buttercream, and covered in a chocolate glaze.

AKA... it's heaven.

This bakery is in byward market and it's at the end of the little market building full of all types of eateries. It's the bakery filled with gigantic photos of Obama when he made a trip there. (apparently they love them some Obama in Ottawa!) As you can guess... I can't remember the name of said bakery... I know... sorry :) UPDATE: Jeanne rocks, the name of the baker is Le Moulin da Provence and here is their website!

Moulin da Provence
55 Byward Market Square
Ottawa ON
K1N 9C3
TEL: 613.241.9152

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Jeanne said...

Was it by chance called; Le Moulin de Provence?
I'll have to go and try the opera cake. But I'll make sure to go on a day before 6pm...

That cake almost looks too good to eat!

stephchows said...

Jeanne you are totally right! I updated the post :) yum! you have to go get one!!


Evan @swEEts said...

That cake sounds delicious! And I do the same exact thing in front of statues- when we were in japan a couple years ago my little brother got soo annoyed with me for it! haha

OMG, Steph, I love, LOVE your lion pose! What a great picture!

Actually, they're all great and that Opera cake has me drooling. So yummy!

Ashley said...

Love the lion picture!!! the cakes look delicious!

molly YEH! said...

i loooooooove opera cake!

and that pistachio cake looks darn tasty too. pistachio things are the best!

Megan said...

That opera cake looks to die for! You may have inspired me to try to find a recipe and make one at home.

P.S. Love the pose!

Emily said...

You're funny. :) Love that picture!

That opera cake makes me sooo hungry for a slice. It looks good!

Mags said...

I would totally go ape over that opera cake.

Love the photos!

Zahra said...

Oh! You are in my hometown :) And yes the market is an amazing place to go for food! (theres a really great sushi place there too)

as for desserts you went to the right place! One other place I would recommend to you to check FOR SURE is "Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory"

This place is good. like. REALLY GOOD. How good? Try Fresh apple candy (forget plain caramel covered ones...theres white chocolate, marshmallow, cookies and cream etc)

They also have rows and rows of 'fresh' made in store chocolates and truffles and lots of fresh made toffee too! Oh and they also have ice cream. Pretty much a foodies heaven ;)

P.S. They also constantly give out samples of whatever is left from what they are making....you can usually catch them making SOMETHING!


omg...this sounds like an advert. I swear I'm not affiliated with them in anway! lol just helping another fellow foodie out ;)

lovely blog btw!

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