The wonderful people at RedPack tomato products contacted me and asked if I'd like to give their canned tomatoes a try. Of course I was happy to have them send me some and come up with some tasty treats. Here's a little bit about the company.

The folks at RedPack treat their tomatoes as an all-day, all-year, lifetime endeavor that’s worthy of constant care. Each well-tended field of tomatoes is harvested at the moment when tomatoes are their ripest, and then are handled with exceptional care until they are tightly sealed and on their way to the shelves of your nearby grocery store. While the farms where RedPack harvests its tomatoes are located in the Midwest, you can find them in the Buffalo-Rochester area pretty easily. You can learn more at here.

John noticed me unpacking all the goodies they sent and immediately called dibs on creating dinner for us. Seriously though who's going to complain when their husband wants to make dinner :)

These were delicious, no aluminum can aftertaste like some canned tomatoes, and it's the perfect solution when it's winter and there are no fresh tomatoes around!

Since this is a John recipe nothing is measured out. I'll just give you a rundown of what went into the pot.

A gumbo style random tasty dinner
recipe by John

chopped onion
pepper among other spices
spicy chicken sausages chopped up
white wine
I'd bet money there is some Franks Red Hot in there
1 28oz can RedPack diced tomatoes
black eyed peas

brown rice - served on the side

Saute it all up, then add white wine and tomatoes, simmer for 30 minutes.

12 chews:

I actually prefer canned tomatoes over fresh. I've never heard of this brand though--glad you enjoyed em!

I WISH my husband would make me dinner...his idea of dinner is a peanut butter sandwich ;)

Natalie said...

yum! sounds like a good comforting meal for this freezing cold weather we're having!

Louanne said...

What a terrific husband! I'm a big fan of canned tomatoes during the winter, too. The dish looks fabulous!

Emily said...

There better be some Franks in there!

This looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

I love a can of redpack tomatoes with lime and cilantro for a quick salsa without having to buy so many ingredients. Just add a jalapeno and/or some onion.

stephchows said...

oo I love the idea of making salsa with them! Why didn't I think of that! I know what I'm making next :)

Looks like John knows his way around the kitchen, eh?

Looks delicious.

Reeni said...

I never used Redpack! I'm kind of loyal to one kind! Your husband is a great cook!

Priya said...

Please note, cooked(canned) tomatoes have more bio available lycopene than uncooked tomatoes. Canned tomatoes is the way to go.

Looks like John knows his way around the kitchen, eh?

Looks delicious.

Emily said...

There better be some Franks in there!

This looks delicious!

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