Second Annual Cookie Exchange Sign Ups are OPEN!

OK everyone it's the second annual steph chows cookie exchange!!

Feel free to grab the above image to display on your blog and link back!

So most of you said you're in either way, one said before, four said after. And thankfully no one said they hated cookies! So we are going to wait until after. (Jeanne admitted to me she was the only person who said before and she was ok with doing after, thanks Jeanne!) You all have until Sunday (December 12th) to send me an email to sign up. I will email out your partner by Tuesday the 14th. Once you know your partner you have until January 16th to get those cookies in the mail! (at the same point... you can still send them right away if you want to... nothing's stopping you)

OK, first lets set some ground rules.

  1. You don't need to have a blog, anyone can participate (feel free to pass the link on to your friends and family who might enjoy joining in!)
  2. Email me by December 12th at stephchows at with your name, address, and any allergies (we don't want anyone keeling over!)
  3. You must be willing to bake 1 -2 dozen cookies/bars/goodies and mail them out by January 16th (I'll let you and your cookie partner decide how much you want to send each other)
  4. Send me a picture of what you sent if you would like to be included in the roundup, along with a link if you posted about it on your blog.
Don't know what to make?? Here are some of my favorite cookies to make and give!

Pizzelles, either pumpkin, chocolate or traditional!

Captain Morgan Smore Fudge?

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Almond Saltine Bark - people eat this stuff up like mad!

Magic in the middle cookies

Raja Oaties

PB chocolate chip cookies

And you can always see all the cookies I love to make HERE.

12 chews:

Sending you my email to get registered now!

Ty'sMommy said...

OOooh! Yay! I'm signing up, too!

Jeanne said...

will be emailing ya soon. Yay cookies!
I'm off to look through cookbooks and blogs for the new cookies I want to make!

Hannah said...

Oh, so many tempting recipes... Now I don't want to do homework, but just make cookies all day!

Lisa said...

Now I'm craving a sweet and it's not even 10am! I'm in and sending an email now! thanks for hosting this again!

if I wasn't having finals week plus packing for our trip I would join in a heart beat. I can't wait to see all the recipes. I'm a huge fan of christmas cookies.

Reeni said...

This a fun idea Steph but I'm afraid someone would find a cat hair in their cookies! Moon's hair has been known to show up where it's most unwanted.

Mercedes said...

I'm in, e-mail si on it's way!

ARLENE said...

Oh, I wish I'd stumbled across this sooner. Looks yummy!

stephchows said...

Arlene- next year for sure!!

Jeanne said...

will be emailing ya soon. Yay cookies!
I'm off to look through cookbooks and blogs for the new cookies I want to make!

Sending you my email to get registered now!

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