Oatmeal Choc Chip Cookies

Warning: these are NOT HEALTHY. So don't go trying to justify, "oh they have oats in them, that makes them healthy" cause these bad boys are nothing close to healthy. Taken directly from the back of the nestle chocolate chip bag I made these for the insulation crew that was at our house last week.

Oh no! The insulation guy wasted away since he didn't eat enough cookies!! Where did he go?

Is it just me or are we in a constant state of construction/fixing up at my house? I know I know the "joys" of home ownership right? I think that' just bull if you ask me... I bought a house that was in "move in condition" so said that crafty shark like real estate agent (not ours, ours was freakin awesome). But that woman selling the house... oooo I just get mad thinking about her. Is that bad? Want to know what is bad, the fact that when I see said lady's picture on signs in front of other houses I want to stop my car and draw a mustache and glasses on her (yes I'm 12 years old). Admit it, you would laugh if you went past a house with a picture drawn on like that.

Ok enough with the nasty, back to the sweet delicious cookies! The guys who actually do the installation of stuff aren't making that big check you hand over to them unfortunately. Plus they were there all day crawling around in the attic fixing holes and blowing in insulation all over the place. Now who can say no to baking those hard working guys a batch of cookies? Certainly not me, plus well fed happy workers do a much better job than cranky hungry ones :) Don't you agree?

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Ty'sMommy said...

You are absolutely right. Well fed workers are the best workers. We live far enough out that when we have work done, they have to take an hour and a half off for lunch (at least) to drive to town and eat. What do I do? I cook for them. I make them lunch, I bring them tea. You betcha. And we have the happiest, most productive workers around. Next time I'm making them cookies!

Jeanne said...

So nice! Bet the workers loved 'em. And now you have a well insulated house!
(You could bake that other agent a lot of cookies and make her fat. Better than drawing a mustache on her??)

haha, I was just thinking that about the construction on your house! We've finally finished our painting (mike and I are at an impass about the wood panelling), but now I'm having some grandeous ideas about knocking down walls. Help!

stephchows said...

Ty's Mommy - ok that is over the top nice of you!! I bet they love it!

Jeanne- hahaha another evil plan :D

Jogging w/ Fiction- uhoh wall tear downs!!! Sounds like fun to me :D

Mary said...

Haha, thanks for the warning ;) These looks soooo tasty! Love this combo!!

Mary xo
Delightful Bitefuls

Natalie said...

sometimes unhealthy cookies are just necessary. live it up!

TimS said...

You have inspired me, Steph. We're having natural gas finally run to the house this week, and my new stove (complete with a true convection oven) is supposed to be delivered and hooked up tomorrow.

I think a batch of these may be just the ticket for the inaugural run - and will feed the guys installing the new boiler system to boot!

Evan @swEEts said...

Cookies should never be healthy! ha just kidding, but a few extra calories never hurt anyone as long as done in moderation :) Healthy or not, I'll still tell myself that because they have oats in them they're okay to eat!

Tessa said...

That's cute that you made cookies for the guys. Love it. They look great!

I saw the words: these are not healthy and I got really excited. haha! So sweet of you to make them cookies. The cookies look sooo good. Anything that has oatmeal and chocolate chips in them has my name on it! :)

My favorite kind of cookie!!! These look great ;)

The cookies look great. But I just have to comment about the picture of the deflated worker. I think it's a riot.

Tracy said...

Aww, what a great idea! I'll have to whip up a batch of cookies the next time we need some home repair done! :-)

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