Vegan PB cupcakes

Peanut butter and chocolate, is there really a better combination? I don't think so... it's just SO good. I actually found this recipe via a link on twitter. Wing it Vegan was telling Hannah of Bittersweet how much she enjoyed her cupcakes (featured in her cookbook My Sweet Vegan: passionate about dessert .) I quickly clicked over and was so excited with what I found.

Self Frosting Peanut Butter Cupcakes. Truth be told if you go over to Wing it vegan for the recipe you will see her cupcakes really look frosted... whereas mine just look marbled. This is because I think I did something wrong... Instead of 12 cupcakes I got 14 very full cupcakes.. and I didn't have enough room to put all the chocolate self frosting on top without them all overflowing. So I only used 1/2 the frosting recipe... and I didn't swirl it around like I was suppose to... since I didn't most sunk to the middle so you had a frosting like chocolate center! It was actually pretty awesome that way!

Either way you make them, these are a winner. Every person at work loved them. LOVED them. And even though they don't have any oil or butter Hannah somehow figured out how to make them have a cupcake texture. Seriously it's like biting into a moist cake, no sturdy muffin here. Vegan or not, go make these, you will NOT be disappointed.

So what's your favorite part about making vegan baked goods? Mine is being able to totally lick the bowl without even a glimmer of worry I'm going to get sick from raw eggs. :)

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Hannah said...

So thrilled you liked them! And your photos are out of this world, they make me want to bake up a batch right this minute. It's definitely been too long since I revisited this recipe... :)

Hannah I have no idea how I hadn't made these yet! AMAZING!! Everyone loved
them! Over the top tender, delicious, I need to go make another batch this
weekend! :) Yummm!

Jeanne said...

I *love* peanut butter. I love swirls of chocolate! Perfect.

River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

Yay! Aren't these the bomb-diggity?! I love them! Hannah rocks some serious socks! I ended up making too much frosting for mine, but really there is no such thing as too much frosting! :D

My favorite part about vegan baking? Hmmm. I'm going to have to say stuffing my face with cupcakes and cookies!

PS: I love your square cake stand! <3

They are amazing!! I would have put more frosting on for sure but my
cups were already overflowing hehe

I love that cake stand too! I have the same one a size bigger too :)

Bee said...

You have a lot of veganish recipes on here, are you vegan/veg of some sort or just like to cook that way?

Nope not even close to being vegan or veg but I do love cooking and
baking all types of things :) I'm an everything in moderation mindset,
so I eat it all, just not overboard.

I am a huge cupcakeaholic, but I can't say I've ever tried making a vegan version!

This would be the one to start with for sure! You'd never know it! So

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