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Happy Monday! Did everyone have a good weekend/ Easter / Passover? What did you all do to celebrate?

Recently I was asked if I'd like to give a product called Xyla a try. I'd never heard of it so let me explain a little to start. "Xylitol is an all natural sugarless sweetener from birch trees. It's the same sweetness and consistency as sugar and is completely natural. Many people call it birch sugar. However it has 40% fewer calories, 75% fewer carbs, and is safe for diabetics. Xylitol also has a laundry list of health benefits like cavity prevention, and much more."

I was very interested in giving this all natural sweetener a try. As you can see it really does look like sugar, and it acts like it when you cream it with butter, or mix it with other ingredients (something that doesn't always happen with some alternative sweeteners).

I first whipped up a batch of those whole wheat chocolate chip cookies that we've been loving up at our house. They came out great subbing Xyla for the white sugar in the recipe!

Next a made a batch of those PB cupcakes I told you about on Friday. Again, amazing! In all truth it's making me question my go to "fake" sweetener... hmmmmm

Other things that make me question what I buy... a sweet deal!

Now here's the fun part. First they are offering us a 10% off coupon if you want to go try some. Just use the coupon code: FIRST It will takes 10% off any order at www.emeraldforestxylitol.com

But an even better deal is this one: "We are giving away the first 5,000 bags (of Xyla) at no charge. All you have to do is add $20 of products to your cart online, and a complimentary 1lb bag of Xylitol will appear in your cart immediately - no charge - no coupon required. That's an $8 value at no charge." So if you were planning on give some products a try, go check it out!

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I first saw Xylitol at a restaurant (Philip's European Cafe here in Rochester) and was surprised. It was mixed right in with the other sweetener packets. Haven't tried it yet, artificial sweeteners of all types scare me a little.

Maria Falaschi said...

Sooo excited - Love it! Xylitol is a great natural sweetener (along with Stevia). I've tried it in many recipes from fudge, pb cups and chocolate cake...sooo good! There are different kinds of Xylitol, some made from birch,some made from corn. Make sure you get the birch kind, such as this brand. :)

Go Philip's for being on the ball haha. I know the best route is to use all
natural sweeteners, but for diabetics and people looking to lower their
sugar intake this ones seems to actually be a good choice!

I was wondering if this was the stuff you usually use! Thanks for the info
on staying away from the corn variety, what are your reasons behind it?

Maria Falaschi said...

Corn is a GMO food. So if you're really looking to go "natural", the birch variety is your best option. Also some people have sensitivities to corn. It's really up to each individual on how strict they are with their diet. :)

Both varieties don't have an effect on your blood sugar levels.

Fooddreamer said...

I've never tried Xyla, although I've tried some other brands of xylitol. Your cookies do look wonderful!

Charissa said...

What a great idea! I have some Xylitol kicking around in the cupboard! I bookmarked your cookie recipe on my Delicious so that I wouldn't forget to make it! Thanks girl!

Sarah Louise said...

Just so people know, xylitol is highly toxic to dogs. If you own dogs you might not want to keep this stuff in your house.

On topic, those cookies look rather delicious.

Huh, who knew! Thanks for letting us know!

Bee said...

I have yet to like any artificial sweetener... but maybe because this also comes from a plant it would be good?

Tracy said...

Sounds delicious! I would definitely try this!!

Nutmeg Nanny said...

This sounds great! I will have to give it a whirl :)

Ok Steph. Now how did it taste? Did it have an aftertaste? Was it super sweet? We need your reporting skills here.

LOL whoops, guess I wasn't too descriptive huh? :)

No aftertaste at all! I even ate some straight up (I was scared LOL but it
tasted natural and no aftertaste!) It's actually a little less sweet than
sugar but they still say to use a 1 to 1 ratio. So if you like overly sweet
things you'd want to add more of this compared to what the recipe calls for.
For me though it was a perfect amount of sweet!

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