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Have you ever heard of Clearly Fresh Bags? According to their website and packaging they make your produce last up to 50% longer. For a person like me who buys lots of fruits and veggies with great intentions... but doesn't always get around to eating them in time... this was a great idea!!

OK random question time. How do you like your bananas? Still a little green? Totally yellow? Starting to turn brown? It seems no matter how you like a banana the peek yumminess (yup that's a technical term) lasts about 1-2 days... and then it's all down hill and banana bread time. So that means you either need to hit up the grocery store every other day... or eat some not perfect to your liking bananas. These bags kept the bananas perfect for days!! For this reason alone I am OVERJOYED by these bags!! Look at the picture below.

Those bananas on the right have looked EXACTLY the same for the last 4 days!! The one left outside the bag.. whomp whomp.. sad sad banana, you will be turned into bread.

The bags also work with produce you keep in the fridge. Take my awesome home grown sprouts for example. Both of the piles below have been stored in the fridge for 2 weeks... which would you rather eat?

Clearly Fresh sent me a sample pack of their bags to test out. So the bags were provided to me but the opinions are all my own and totally truthful. You can learn more about their products here.

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RunningRicig said...

whoa those bags are cool! I like my bananas when they are totally yellow with no sign of brown. Then again, when they turn brown, I just make tons of banana bread, so it's a win win.

Hannah said...

Huh, very cool demonstration... I've always wondered if those things really worked and lived up to the hype!

I know I've always wondered the same thing! I always figure they are
exaggerating and it's all marketing hype, so it was fun to actually see for
myself :)

I love bananas when they are all yellow with a tiny hint of green to them.  Any brown and, like you said, they are destined to become banana bread.  These bags sounds completely awesome, I'm going to have to check them out!

One question for you though, How do you store your sprouts in the fridge?  I hate to have mine go to waste, so I just make small batches at a time. 

That's how I like my bananas too! But if I'm in a pinch I'll pretty much eat
them no matter what they look like.
I use to store my sprouts in the mason jar I grew them in with the moistened
cheese cloth as the lid (just like how I grow them)
But from now on I'm storing them in clearly fresh bags!! I mean just LOOK at
the difference!

Tracy said...

Woah, these bags must be magical. My hubby won't eat bananas once they start to brown, so I would love to have these in the house!!

caroline said...

Interesting! I've never heard of them, but I will need to test the out!

Candice said...

That is quite amazing. The difference is dramatic!

Charissa said...

Wow. What a difference. Don't you just love those things that help not waste food? Makes me happy! I don't feel like such a waster...

LT said...

I want to tell you that the brown banana is the good one, when it has those spots is the best time to eat it, then it is ripe. The ones with the green are not ripe are and not digested so good. So eat the banana spotted, it is also sweeter. If the banana inside has brown parts those are not good. 

Great point about them having more sugars when they are brown! That's what
makes banana bread so great :) A good point about the green tipped ones
though is they are great for diabetics since they have less sugar :)
Personally I love them when they are still a little green :)

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