Camping - on my way

Jeanne and I are headed for a camping meet up this weekend and I'm so excited!! We went last year and made these amazing campfire chocolate orange cakes. You can read about them here.

I'll be back next week with some of our new adventures (camp fire grilled pizza anyone?)
What's your favorite camping treat?

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Jeanne said...

Those were amazing! See you soon. I am sooooo excited!!

ooh have a blast! hopefully it's not as hot as it is for us--i could not be camping this weekend!

i love pudgie pies---you make "sandwiches" in these iron clamp thingys (ha clearly great terminology)....with pizza fillings for dinner and with pie fillings for dessert!

Hannah said...

Have a great time- And stay cool! I can't imagine camping right now, since it's the hottest week of the summer over here... But the treats sound great. I love the idea of cooking a cake in an orange over an open flame.

Lucky for us it was the perfect temperature! Low 80's no humidity during the
day and cool at night! It was perfect :)

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