Frozen apple pops

Musselman's peach apple sauce + pop mold + freezer = AMAZING SUMMER TREAT!

(yes I was pretending the rocket ship was flying.. and yes I'm 5 years old...)

Whoever thought this up at Musselman's is a genius!! I'm addicted to these things and keep making them in all the different flavor varieties. The freezer somehow transforms the apple sauce into an even better and more refreshing summer treat!

The wonderful people at Musselman's actually sent me a whole gift basket of their products and recipes to try out (full disclosure it was sent to me for free).

I've tried these two recipes so far and really want to try the third one super soon! But I've got to say out of all of them, the simplicity of just freezing flavored apple sauce seriously blew my mind. Go try it! Betcha the kids will love it too :)

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8 chews:

I have been freezing apple sauce cups for YEARS!  My mother always thought it was odd, but honestly, it was a nice refreshing treat on a hot summer afternoon.  


Judithuk2002 said...

I've been looking for a good applebutter BBQ sauce recipe.  I got some made at an orchard that just wasn't zingy enough, but the basic flavor was something I want to work with.  Thanks for this.

Tracy said...

What a great idea! And I love that the ice pop is flying, hehe!

Simple and delicious!  I only wish it were possible to have applesauce popsicles at work.  But I'm afraid people would steal 'em if I had 'em in the work freezer! :)

OOO why didn't I think of that! Although good point about them getting eaten up.. hmmm we need to come up with a disguise to hide them...

oh my goodness these look soooo good and I love how easy they are! I have to make these. YUM!!!!

I'm seriously addicted! Sometimes the best things are the easiest :)

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