Birthday Cake

First things first, although this was my birthday cake, today is my Aunt Sandy's birthday!! Happy birthday Aunt Sandy!!! We love you!!!


Sometimes a girl just needs a nice big slice of cake.

And sometimes her husband doesn't need to know said cake has beets hidden in it :) You can read about his original reaction when I first made this last year here. You'll also find the recipe there. As for the frosting I did 1/2 batch of a simple cocoa butter frosting, super fast, and so very creamy and spreadable.


While eating this for dinner the other night (yes you read that right) John kept saying... "this cake has beets in it... and I really REALLY like it... but I really hate beets..." Poor man didn't know what to do with himself :)


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4 chews:

Jeanne said...

hey. maybe I should make these for my soccer team tonight. it is our last game! And I do have beets in the garden.
You think they would like them? Could I make them into cupcakes? Would they be good enough without frosting?

I bet you could totally make them as cupcakes! Just shorten the bake time. These dry out wicked fast if you over bake them... BLEH. As for no frosting... I don't have a lot of sugar in them to balance out having frosting on top... so if you go no frosting maybe add a little more sugar to the batter? They are definitely not typical cupcake sweet on their own.

Ha Ha! My hubby HATES beets but I love them. I wonder if he'd know he was eating them- how could he not love a cake as pretty as that one? :)

Audrey Ellen said...

That cake looks so classic and gorgeous! And beets! Impressivee

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