Spicy Green Beans

In another attempt to use up the copious amounts of veggies we get every week in our CSA John made some delicious spicy cashew green beans... when asked how exactly he made them... he simple gave me a shoulder shrug. HA so... no recipe... but MAN they were good!


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Jeanne said...

I made spicy green beans yesterday too! But mine didn't have cashews. I'll have to add them next time! :)
I'm so happy you are enjoying your CSA. 

Sara said...

Well that was a tease!  I want a recipe!!  :)

LOL I know! Sorry! Here's what I know DID go into it. A little olive oil, green beans, fresh garlic, chopped red peppers, cashews, soy sauce, tiny bit of honey... the rest is a mystery though! :)

Sara said...

that's a start!  I will play around with it.  Thanks :)

Bee said...

I am so bad at side dishes, especially improvising them. Spicy cashew green beans sound divine though :)

Hannah said...

I typically avoid green beans like the plague, but this preparation sounds genuinely delicious! Too bad there's no recipe... Perhaps you could bribe this John fellow into making them again, while you take notes? ;)

I really need to start watching him more carefully and write it down as he goes! :)

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