Dinner by the Giant

Through the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program I was given the chance to try Green Giant Steamers on the house! Basically it's a bag of frozen veggies in a light herb and olive oil sauce. A quick trip in the microwave and they steam themselves in their own bag, no fuss no mess.
Now the big question is what to do with these things? Sure you can eat them plain and serve them next to your favorite protein, but I needed to get more creative than just that. Let the brainstorming begin!

  1. Add them to your favorite soup or frozen dinner to give it some more filling bulk. This works great with low sodium canned soups or entrees you make at work. Steam the veggies, microwave the soup/meal, mix, and go!
  2. Super fast asian, steam up and toss with some brown rice (boil in bag kind is ready in 10 minutes), defrost some cooked shrimp, drizzle on your favorite sauce (sweet and sour maybe) and good to go! Just as fast as takeout but WAY healthier.
  3. Steam, then puree with some coconut milk and curry powder + salt pepper in a blender for a super easy fast soup.
How would you use these as a time saver? Or what would you make? Any better ideas then what I came up with?

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Sunshine said...

I use the nonseasoned bagged veggies to make purees for my baby. Way cheaper, and I know exactly what my little guy is eating!

OH that is a fantastic idea!! And so much less prep! Love it!

Amanda said...

Lazy soup! No chopping or peeling. Which is awesome when I get home late and am trying to find something fast that isn't boxed mac n cheese :)

Prasetyo said...

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