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I'm not one to ever go on a "diet" I'm all about eating in moderation all the time... but when the people from The CarbLovers Diet Cookbook asked me to review their new cookbook... I was really intrigued. I mean come ON this blog does have an entire page dedicated to muffins... and John jokes that I basically am already on my own version of the carb lovers diet... hey I love carbs... what can I say??

I wouldn't necessarily suggest following the diet laid out, although reading through it, it wasn't bad. No cutting out entire groups of foods, it really is a "diet" teaching you to eat in moderation and choose HEALTHY carbs. This isn't a white bread and pasta diet people... so don't get your hopes up ;)

I WOULD suggest getting the book for all the delicious recipes though!!! You should see how many pages I have flagged with post-it notes.. no joke. I can't wait to share more with you!! But for today, I'm going to share the turkey meatballs. John inhaled these things, they were DELICIOUS!
I mean how could you say no to THAT?? They said to serve it on whole wheat rolls, but I had this delicious whole wheat baguette laying around just screaming to be used for some sliders.

Now for the giveaway! You can win your very own copy! 150 mouth watering, delicious recipes!!! You know you want to enter :) (Open to US residents only, sorry my international peeps) Just leave a comment saying your favorite thing to eat, yup that's it. Easy cheesy.

You have until Tuesday at noon EST to enter. Good luck and happy eating!

And now for the recipe! Click to enlarge.

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Monika Borua said...

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Bethanneleach said...

OMG Steph! My favorite thing to eat, seriously??? I'm italian! Anything pasta is my favorite thing to eat. I may very well need this book.....

Favorite food in the entire world is cheesecake. I hardly ever eat it since it is so terrible for you, but it's an awesome treat when I do eat it. 

Tim Schutt said...

Considering my new found quest for the perfect home-made loaf of bread, this would probably be a good addition to my library ;)

Jean said...

My favorite thing to eat are mock chicken legs made with my grandma's recipe!

Mom said...

My biggest down fall is bread.  Not just any bread.  Crusty fresh Italian bread.  It's the best.

Meg said...

My favorite thing to eat is cheese.  Pretty much any kind... I'm not picky.

Barbara said...

I tried Atkins and hated it because it is so low-carb (I also don't like his recipes - blech).  I can't live that way.  I cook everything from scratch in order for my hubs and I to eat low-sodium.  I even bake all our bread in order to eliminate the salt.  Beef is outrageously expensive in any form so we can't indulge in much.  That leaves chicken, pork, and veggies.  We're big on veggies.  We don't eat sweets - hubs is diabetic.   But the flour I use for bread is also high protein and we love it.  It helps to fill us up or provide a snack once in a blue moon.  I'd love to go low-carb but still stay high-protein.  I'd LOVE to get a copy of this cookbook!  We need some serious help and I need some serious weight-loss info about going low carb without feeling so deprived. 

Mags@the other side of 50 said...

My favorite thing to eat is chocolate. I LOVE IT! I'm into good carbs now... complex carbs like dried beans, legumes, whole grains, etc. I'm trying to be good!

alpha sudirman said...

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Clwoods2 said...

Hands down, favorite food = bagels! Especially an egg bagel with lox, capers, and creme fraiche. Wait, did you say this book was for Carb Lovers? Perfect!

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