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Life with a new pup... don't worry no accident pics :)


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9 chews:

I love her! She's so cute!

Jeanne said...

Love the green collar. So cute!!! (how big is she gonna get??)

She shouldn't get much larger than she is right now. According to the vet scale she's 29 lbs!

Mags said...

I'm officially in love with your dog.

Tracy said...

She's so sweet!!

If you're ever in the area you can come visit :)

wendy said...

adorable! so fluffy.

Aimee Kleer-Gonzalez said...

Your blog is adorable!  I'm your newest follower ;)

Aimee Kleer-Gonzalez said...

check out my blog or similar tastes ;)  www.bargainbites00.com

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