Honest Body Granola

When I find a product that I love, I feel the need to tell the world about it. I've been meaning to write this post for a good month now and this and that keep popping up and getting in the way of sharing this with you.
I am in love with Honest Body Granola!! There I said it, I'm addicted to it.  Not only is the woman who makes it super nice and has adorable kids, her whole philosophy behind it is amazing. Another bonus for my allergy friends out there. This is wheat, grain and nut free. Booyahh!
Just look at the ingredient list (cranberry apple granola):
Soaked & Dehydrated sunflower seeds*, raisins*, coconut flakes*, fruit juice sweetened dried cranberries*, dried apples*, VT honey garden apiaries raw honey, cinnamon*, gluten free vanilla extract, redmond real salt. *organic ingredients

Not ONE thing that I can't pronounce or would question eating. Just look at the chunks of REAL food on the screen. AMAZING! I know I know I make my own granola all the time, but sometimes a girl wants to sit back and let someone else make up a tasty treat. This is one of those products I'm happy to buy and support!

Seriously, go buy some! They now have web ordering so go get some!

I'm not getting paid or asked to do this post. This is all me and my opinions and my pure unadulterated love of Honest Body Granola. Eat up!!

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10 chews:

I plan on buying some! This looks totally delish!!! Mmmm.

Winemaker23 said...

their website is under development, do you have a bag with the nutrition listed on it? Can you tell what the sugar level is, this sounds so delicious I want to try some but am limited on my sugar intake. 

Senka said...

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The bag doesn't list nutritional content on it, but she might be able to tell you if you call? Raw honey is on the ingredient list but it's towards the bottom, so that means there is more of the other ingredients weight wise. I know that doesn't help for specific amounts though :(

Bee said...

Beautiful granola!

Hannah said...

Good-looking granola! I've never seen this brand before, but it's always exciting to learn about new, small producers of wholesome foods like this.

My husband and I joke that Honest Body granola must have MSG in it because it's so addicting! Since Melanie (founder of HB) is my sister, I know for a fact that it doesn't have those gnarly chemicals. ;)

LOL I can see it now, a big bucket of MSG snuggled behind the jug of raw honey :) And lucky you! You probably get to eat this stuff all the time!!

Maureen said...

Just had this at Blueberry Hill Inn and we are in love! The BEST gluten free granola we have had!!! Where can we get it? We live in NH.

I love it too! You have to call or email her to place your
order: 802.388.2448 or email: orders@honestbody.com

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