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This past weekend I got to go on a random adventure to Syracuse! Sure it's only 1.5 hours away, but I've never really explored the city. To make it even more fun Jeanne came to meet me for a weekend of eating/exploring/laughing/all around good time!
More on the cute shirt I'm wearing to come soon - I made it!

My favorite eaten thing all weekend was a peanut butter oreo "milk" shake  from Strong Hearts Cafe, it's a 100% vegan restaurant and it was SO GOOD!! I have no idea what was in said "milk" shake, but it was thick, creamy, and totally decadent. It was so good we went back for two more the next day :)

As for the food there, Jeanne has a green scramble. Tofu, pesto, broccoli, and other various green veggies, she rather enjoyed it. I got an equivalent of a vegan egg mcmuffin, unfortunately mine wasn't as delicious as her meal. (it's ok the milk shake made up for it!)
Another delicious place to eat? Blue Tusk, it's a walk up and order style restaurant with a full bar attached. So you can go order your food, and then walk 10 feet to the left and order a beer to drink with said food, interesting setup and the pulled pork came in more than the standard varieties.

Hello Piggy - Pulled Pork, Kimchi, Sprig of Cilantro, Red Onion, Mayo and a squirt of Sriracha Hot Chile Sauce on a Round Roll. I think they went a little heavy on the sriracha in a few spots, because for half the sammie my mouth was crazy on FIRE, eek, the other half was perfectly flavorful!

We even drove through some questionable abandoned neighborhoods to get some quality home made ice cream. Don't worry the actual ice cream place was nice. Jeanne got a Charlie Brown (chocolate ice cream with peanut butter swirl) it would have been good if there was actually PB in it, she didn't get any...??? weird. I got Midnight craving, which I was told was PB ice cream with chocolate covered potato chips... yeah it was vanilla ice cream, the PB would have made it SO much better. (I suggest asking for a sample taste to make sure what they are telling you is truly what you will get though)

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Jeanne said...

Thanks for such an awesome weekend!! I had such a great time! We should do it again. There's still so much of Syracuse to explore. And always more shopping to be done. :) 

Joybabe109 said...

I just found your blog through Blondie cakes as I was exploring watermelon jam recipes! I love your blog & taste too!! ( I just ate at blue tusk memorial day week after some crazy hiking in Adirondacks. Are you going to do another jam exchange this year?

Thanks so much! And such a small world you were just there too! I will indeed be hosting the exchange again! I need to get on the signup list! Shall I add you to my contact list for the exchange? That way you'll know once the post is up for signups? :)

Thanks for reading!

Hannah said...

I've heard such great things about Strong Hearts Cafe, and the look of those dishes at least seem to live up to the hype! I would kill for a good tofu scramble and "milk" shake around here... So jealous!

Corrie said...

Love the shirt, jeannec!

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