150 wedding cupcakes

09-27-12:  What's that? You need 150 cupcakes for your wedding. Ok we can do that :) Jeanne's brother was getting married and she was tasked with baking and decorating 150 cupcakes. Seeing a great excuse to go visit her for a long weekend I volunteered to help!

Did I mention I've never actually iced a cupcake before? It's ok, you learn quick when you have no other choice! After some seriously sad looking ones we figured out adding some frosting to the center made them look a lot nicer. (I realize 99% of you already know this).


Since I was coming to help with the cupcakes I figured I'd also offer up my mad photobooth skills during the cocktail hour. When you have a backdrop like this how could things go wrong?

It's a whale skeleton- cool! Add in some cutout mustaches, a top hat, and a few frames and you are good to go! Don't go overboard with the props though or things will get a little chaotic.

Could we be any cuter? I totally realize we have no props here. LOL see simple can still be fun :)
The cupcakes were chowed, and the photobooth went off without a hitch! Add to that dancing my rump off until 1am and I call that one hell of a wedding!
cupcakeeating-sm Have you ever offered to bake something for a wedding and then realized GAHH are we going to get this done?? Did you have a photo booth? They are some of my favorites from my wedding, and I've since done one at 2 different weddings for friends. Wanna hire me? ;)

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6 chews:

Jeanne said...

Thanks so so so much for your help!!! I couldn't have done it without you!

Kari @ Running Ricig said...

Those cupcakes look awesome! Just think about Kate making 300 for us for our wedding! That was a ridiculous challenge, but so awesome.

OMG she's a saint! I couldn't even imagine doing that!

Jeanne said...

Thanks soooo much for all the help!!! I could not have done it without you. The cupcakes or the photobooth! It was so much fun having you there! THANKS!!!!! you are the best!!!!

natalie@thesweetslife said...

i'm so impressed--they look good for never having done it before!

Tracy said...

So much fun!! And the cupcakes look great; I'm sure they tasted amazing too!!

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