Going bananas

How were your thanksgivings? Mine was super relaxing and spent with my Mom/Dad/Aunt Sandy/Husband/Hobbes. We had a blast hanging out and I think Hobbes especially loved how much turkey my Dad was willing to give her. She also had a blast chasing his feet around. Side note: Hobbes has never been one to attack/eat/chew on shoes, this all changed when she saw my Dad's slippers, nondescript and nothing exciting about them... but for some reason she chased them with all her might no matter how many times we said no.
On a totally non thanksgiving related note. I made banana muffins. It's a cooking light recipe and I love them. Spiked with ground flax seed and no eggs you can easily sub out the yogurt for extra banana mash to make these vegan (which is exactly what I did). My reason was because I had extra banana laying around, and no yogurt on hand. You can find the recipe here.
Side note: I used frozen and thawed bananas, they tend to have more moisture so if you are using non frozen and thawed bananas you may need to add a little milk (non-dairy to keep them vegan) to add a little more moisture to things. (AKA if you are mixing this all together and it resembled cement and not muffin batter)


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5 chews:

Jeanne said...

Hobbes is soooo cute! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!!

Bee said...

Hope you had a lovely turkey day :)

Valerie George said...

Would it work to replace the yogurt with pumpkin or applesauce instead of extra banana to help with the moisture balance?

100% that could totally work too :) Good suggestion!

Muhammad Farhan said...

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