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Do you make your own christmas/holiday gifts? I'm a big fan of it, the only problem is I then have to wait to post about them to keep the surprise for everyone! Since that's the case you'll have to come back after the new year and see all the fun things I made this year, but for those looking for ideas to make in time for the holiday this year, here are my top picks for easy, last minute, but still fabulous gifts. Best of all, most of these are free patterns! So go grab some yarn/material/chocolate and get moving!


Food Related: (top image row)
Boozy Fudge (Who doesn't love chocolate and booze? A match made in heaven)

Saltine Toffee (aka crack)

Jam (a little late to make fresh so go buy some from my awesome friend Sugarcrafter instead!)

Crochet: (middle image row)
Cowl (Got a mom on the list who you don't know what to get for?)

Ankle warmers (For your friends living in chilly areas)

Viking Hat (For the kids in your life, or your kid at heart friends)

Sewing: (bottom image row)
Crayon carrying case for your purse (For the mom who needs more crap to put in their bag... I mean... for the mom who needs to not have melted crayon in her bag)

Purse (from a book not a free tutorial) (Perfect for your best friend, well that's what I gave mine)

Stuffed Owl Softie (Another quick kid gift idea)

Bonus: A few I haven't made yet but NEED TO!
Awesome hat perfect for little boys and grown men. (free ravelry pattern)
Little boys varsity sweater. (free ravelry pattern)
Everything listed here (AKA my crafy pinterest board). You know you want to follow me :)

What fun ideas are you making? I'm always looking for more ideas!! Links please :)

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5 chews:

Sarah @ Dash and a Pinch said...

I love these ideas! I think for prosperity sake you need to bring some crack...I mean saltine our cookie making party on saturday!

Bee said...

Such great ideas :) I wish I had time to be crafty!

Oh man we are going to be in sugar overload!

Do the leg warmers they seriously come together so fast! :) although if you have to learn to crochet it will take a bit longer :)

Tracy said...

Thank you for mentioning me in your gift guide - and I just love of all of these ideas! Awesome roundup!

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