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Grilled cheese and tomato soup. A childhood staple... unless you are me, I thought the combo was gross growing up. Tomato soup? Isn't that like eating watered down spaghetti sauce? No thanks. Well my tastes have changes since being a small child so when Panera asked if I'd like to give their new soups a try I heartily said I'd love to. This big kid wanted to see what she had been missing out on.

Grown up grilled cheese means it comes with bacon. MMMM bacon. Fabulous idea in theory but whoever made my sammie didn't agree, with only 1/3 of a slice to be found, my taste buds were asking for more bacon to go with my perfectly melty grilled cheese. Lack of bacon aside, dipping it into my steaming bowl of creamy tomato soup made my belly warm and snuggly.
Did you know the secret ingredient to the creamy tomato soup is pear tomatoes? They have less seeds and a more intense flavor, and because they are smaller the seeds aren't bitter. Who knew?? I sure didn't, I may need to pick some up next time I make soup or sauce. Learn more here and listen to the soup stories!


As part of the DailyBuzz Food Tastemaker program, I received a gift card and stipend to try Panera Bread soups. All opinions are my own.

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jeanne said...

I never liked tomato soup as a kid either. Now I like the real stuff. (not the from a can) We made some in the summer and it was yum. I may have to look into that kind of tomato!!

Mom said...

I don't particularly like tomato soup that tastes like spaghetti sauce. However, creamy tomato soup can be so yummy. I had this combo at Panera earlier this week. The soup was topped with some lovely croutons too. I had the regular grilled cheese. Only one kind of cheese and no bacon. But it was toasty and crunchy. Perfect.

Jen said...

Looks super yummy! Grilled cheese and soup on a cold day is the best!

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