Quick Fire Challenge

Breakfast on a stick. That was last weeks quick fire challenge on #TopChef 

I've got to say I was totally stumped as to what I would do if I was there. (I've also realized I'm REALLY bad at thinking up recipes at the drop of a hat, I would get kicked off this show SO FAST, oh yeah and the whole part about me not being a chef, that might put a kink in things too). Anyway, nothing was coming to mind but after sitting around and thinking for awhile I decided on the perfect thing.

Cinnamon swirl brioche french toast and taylor ham, on a stick of course.

What's that? You've never had taylor ham? You poor soul, go out and buy some quick! You wont be sorry. It has the appearance of canadian bacon, but the taste of heaven, helpful aren't I? I simply pan fried the taylor ham, and then marinated the brioche in some milk/eggs/vanilla and grilled until cooked through. Cut into bite sized pieces alternating with the taylor ham and then drizzle with maple syrup. Hearty, delicious, PERFECT.

Are you bummed at who got sent home last week? Good news you can vote to save a chef TODAY! Head on over to twitter and use #topchef along with #savechefjeffery or #savechefkuniko to vote on who you want to stay! Even better news is they will be giving away top chef swag today (cook books, T-shirts, and tote bags). So log on to twitter today Dec 11th at 1pm EST to join in, vote, and win stuff!

Then make sure to tune in tomorrow night to see what quick fire I may be attempting next week right here, oh and you know watch all the real chefs compete :) !

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2 chews:

Bee said...

Ohh yummm... it's almost like a Monte Cristo on a tiny stick!

foodlve said...

I liked it, and I liked all your high quality recipes

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