Fingerless gloves

Fingerless gloves, the perfect gift for your perpetually chilly friends. Used in the office they let you type and use the mouse without any issues. Add in a cool shell pattern and these make a sweet fashion statement and not just a warming up tool. I found following the pattern a bit difficult, but once I got the feel of how the rows alternated I was able to move on without referring back to the pattern. You basically alternate between a shell row and a filler row. The confusing part happens in how you start each row, some are started creating half a shell and ending finishing the shell. Once the first glove is down the second comes together super quick!
Pattern via Love of Crochet - Fall 2012 purchased at Wegmans.
Special thanks to Michelle for agreeing to be my model and recipient of said gloves.

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Jeanne said...

Those are sooo super cute!

Beth said...


Tracy said...

These are adorable; I LOVE them! Where can I order some? ;-)

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