Amazeballs sweet potato soup

Amazeballs is totally a word right? Sorry people using google translate that probably makes zero sense. Basically I took amazing and balls and made it a word, hopefully that makes more sense, no? Sorry! :) Anyway John for years has told me he doesn't like soup... then in the past month he's eaten soup at 1) thanksgiving 2) multiple restaurants, and 3) LOVED IT. So he has been asking for soup lately, most recently he asked for some yellow sweet potato soup. Yup there are yellow sweet potatoes, they sell them near the orange ones. I'm sure you could sub in the orange ones but I highly recommend trying this with the yellow ones! According to Wegmans they come from NJ! Yeah Jersey! So they must be good right? ( I grew up there, hence the fanfare).
It may not look the most appetizing but man is it flavorful. I need to make more. Seriously, I'm in love, John is too. Feel free to add more chicken stock (or veggie stock to make this vegan) if you want a thinner soup. I tend to like them thick and hearty! Perfect after you come in for a nice long snowshoe and look like this:
Yellow sweet potato soup
recipe by steph chows
olive oil (enough to lightly cover bottom of pot- less than 1 Tbs)
3-4 medium yellow sweet potatoes (2lbs -ish)
1 large sweet onion (about 1/2 lb)
5-6 garlic cloves
1 tsp jojo potato seasoning (ingredient list: garlic, paprika, salt, rosemary, black pepper, basil, parsley, oregano)
1/2 tsp Hot chili powder (more or less to your spice level)
4 cups low sodium chicken stock (or veggie stock to make this vegan)
sea salt and pepper to taste

I used a food processor with a grater attachment to make quick work of this. Heat large soup pot, drizzle in olive oil. Grate garlic and onion and simmer in pot until lightly brown. Grate sweet potatoes whole (leave skin on). Add grated potatoes and spices to onion mixture and stir. Add stock and cover, let simmer for 20 minutes. Using an immersion blender (or a regular blender in small batches) blend until smooth. Serve warm with crusty bread.

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7 chews:

Jeanne said...

Doesn't the word amazeballs transcend all languages?
YAY soup!

Sarah @ DashandaPinch said...

I'm pretty sure your dog is awesomesauce (my favorite made up word), and that soup looks awesome too! Which Wegmans did you find the yellow sweet potatoes at?

LOL, love it! I think they carry them at most of the wegman stores, at least the ones I've been too. I've gotten them at Pittsford and Perinton most recently :)

Bee said...

I love the little snow lumps on Hobbes! Haha. And I am bookmarking this soup to try--just discovered the wonders of sweet potato soup recently!

Reeni said...

I haven't seen yellow sweet potatoes but I did see some white ones that I bet would be good! Your dog is completely adorable! I want to snuggle him.

I've seen them labeled as white sweet potatoes too! So I say go with them :)

natalie@thesweetslife said...

that seasoning sounds fantastic!!

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