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Giveaway Closed: Congrats to Katie! I will be emailing you!

I tend to eat salads more when I'm out then at home. Why? Because I'm lazy. No really I am. I'll bake up all types of things that take forever but ask me to chop up individual veggies and toppings for a salad, and I run the other way. You can imagine I was pretty excited when Lean Cuisine asked me if I wanted to try their new Salad Additions line. UMM YES PLEASE!

The box comes with three things inside. A steamable pouch filled with veggies and protein. A pouch of dressing. And a pouch of crunchy deliciousness.
Step 1: Place the pouch of frozen salad dressing into a glass of room temperature water to thaw.
Step 2: Place the veggie/protein bag in the microwave and cook 3 minutes (then let sit 3 minutes)
Step 3: Get out your favorite salad greens (I buy the triple washed field green/spinach mix). Top with the veggies/protein, crunchies, and dressing.

They weren't at all stingy on the dressing (and it was super tasty! can you say bacon spiked??), I could have easily added twice as many greens and still had enough to go around. The chicken strips were surprisingly tender (I was expecting chewy since it was frozen and microwaved so I was super excited about their texture). The veggies weren't over cooked either, no mushy veggies in sight! The onion crunchies were a flavor packed addition that gave it a nice crunch.

Overall I give these an A, I'd totally buy them to leave at work for a quick healthy option. I will admit I was still a bit hungry after it but I'm also a bottomless pit. Paired with a bowl of soup this would be a perfect lunch for me.

Want a chance to try yourself? Leave a comment hear telling me which variety (Asian-Style Chicken Salad, Bistro Chicken Salad, Cranberry & Chicken Salad, Southwest-Style Chicken Salad) you'd like to try! Winner will be picked by

PS if you haven't already make sure to also enter my 5 year blogiversary giveaway here!

Salad additions provided to me by Lean Cuisine, opinions are all mine.

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7 chews:

Katie said...

I adore Mexican food, so the Southwest-Style sounds great to me!

Jennifer said...

All the veggies in the Bistro Chicken Salad sound delicious!

Rebecca said...

Ooh these look good! I'd like to try the Asian-Style Chicken Salad!

Stephanie said...

The cranberry & chicken salad looks divine! but so do all of them :)

Mom said...

The cranberry chicken salad sounds yummy.

Jordan Dunne said...

The Asian Style Chicken salad sounds great!

Congrats Katie you won the Salad Toppers givevaway!! If you can send me your mailing address I'll pass it on to Lean Cuisine. Thanks for entering!

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