Who's going to win??

Did you watch part 1 of the #TopChef finale last night?? I've been saying Kristen was coming back since she got kicked off and I'm happy to report she came back with a vengeance!! YEAH!! Seriously though, she's my fan favorite. As for the final 3, they are all such LIKABLE people, that's a rarity in reality TV, so in the end I would be happy with whoever won. But now that it's down to Brook and Kristen... I'm still leaning towards Kristen for the win! I mean Brook can make a mean dessert, which seems to be the downfall of 99% of all Top Chef contestants EVER... but... Kristine has to win right?? Plus she has a new awesome arm tattoo, she has to win with that thing! WIN WIN WIN!!
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Lets review how awesome Kristine is:

  1. She says things like "I think I just peed in my pants a little" and you still think she's the cutest best thing ever. 
  2. She got kicked off because of being the team leader and taking too much of the blame... I mean she's awesome because she didn't throw her teammates under the bus but come ON save your own skin!! The best part was then the person who got her kicked off went DOWN in last chance kitchen the next week against her! Karma :D
  3. Favorite dishes she made that I want to make. (links to recipes! they have recipes on the website?? seriously why didn't I know this!?) Almond Cake Macaron with Coconut Custard, and Top Sirloin Tartare with Mustard Sabayon & Carpaccio Salad.

Some other favorite moments and quotes from this season

"The bacon was unnecessary"  aww sorry Josh!! He just couldn't learn about not using bacon could he? And I felt so bad he missed his daughters birth, I think if I was his wife I would have been a little pissed, you?

This was a favorite twitter quote of mine from ‏@RichardBlais

Yes, taking care of sourdough is exactly like taking care of a child. Just toss them w flour from time to time & back in the fridge.#topchef
Hilarious :)

Grossest thing served on top chef this season. Unhatched chicken egg BLAHHHH!!!!!! Seriously thought I was going to loose my lunch that episode.

Most ridiculous quick fire. I'd say the tin foil one. I mean beating eggs in a tin foil bowl you made by cupping it on your head. #kindagross

I know this isn't the show, but the top chef frozen dinner commercials had me cracking up. "I thought I hated the sound of children's laughter, turns out I was just hungry" I can relate to that one, I totally get hangry! Hungry+ Angry :)

Don't forget to tune in next week Wednesday February 27th  10pm/9c for part 2 of the finale!!

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