Ewwey Gooey PB Perfection

How could you say no to this cookie? It's like eating cookie dough... but warm. Undeniably decadent and delicious... except for the decadent part. These things are healthy. No really, they are.

They may look innocent enough but these are grain free, vegan, and low in sugar. I know what you are thinking, they must taste like saw dust. But they don't!! I promise!
The weirdest part is there is a cup of canned chickpeas hanging out in these cookies. I know, weird. But you don't taste them, and they give the cookies this buttery dough dough texture which I am in love with.

You can find the recipe here at the Texanerin, she has some wicked tasty looking recipes. She uses honey but I went with agave and it worked great! I admit I used semi-sweet chocolate chips in the photos... but if you use dark chocolate chips these bad boys will be vegan and grain free! And don't serve your vegan friends skim milk (as pictured)... that would just be mean.

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10 chews:

Jeanne said...

I still need to try making these!!! They look sooo good!

Those look amazing. I have had the chickpeas in cookies before, and I love how it makes them almost cookie-dough-like.

Thanks!! I really love the texture they give them, it's like cookie dough without the guilt!

These look most and amazing!!

Hannah said...

Hurray for healthy treats! No reason why you can't have desserts with benefits. ;)

Casey said...

But... if I serve my vegan friends skim milk, they won't want to come over, and then there will be MORE COOKIES FOR ME!

Tracy said...

Interesting, I've never tried cookies with canned chickpeas before! I'll have to give these a try with SunButter. Yum!

LOL! Well that's one way to do it! hehe!

The original poster says she used sunbutter and they came out great! I say go for it!

Oh yay! I'm happy you liked them. :) Thanks a bunch for linking to the recipe. You're one of the few who hasn't just copied and pasted it so thank you for that! :)

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