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Giveaway closed. The winner is...TJ!! I've sent you an email!

Spring has sprung! Well according to the calendar it has, but as I look out my window all I see is snow. *sigh* It's ok though, I got an instant uplift when I opened this package in the mail from Lipton!

It's as easy as open, steep, sip, enjoy! Not only did they send me a ton of their black tea, they sent me this instantly uplifting infinity scarf. The thing is gigantic, seriously I think I could make it into a dress come spring. The pop of yellow just cheers you up, well it at least cheers me up. Seriously how can you not smile wearing this thing? And it came in a sweet vintage lipton box tin (see above)! Double bonus.

You might be wondering, what's so uplifting about black tea? Research shows that black tea’s hydrating benefits and natural caffeine provide a gentle ‘uplift’ to help you stay energized throughout the day - increasing feelings of work productivity, decreasing feelings of tiredness, and improving attention/concentration. I can use all the uplift I can get this time of year so I'm game, how about you?

To enter the giveaway all you have to do is leave a comment telling me about what you find to lift your spirits this time of year? (you win what is pictured in the first image, same as me!)

Winner will be picked by and notified via email- so enter an email you actually use when you comment ok? :)

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Jen said...

Nana would be proud. Did you make it with lemon?

Ang said...

This time of year is so dreary but I still love getting outdoors. Provided it's not snowing I go hiking and get some fresh air to lift my spirits!

Val said...

This time of year, to lift my spirits I take my dogs for a walk or to the dog park any time we can find a little sliver of sunshine. They get so happy, it lifts your spirits right away.


Steph, this time of year all my canning lifts my spirits, and my little hold back from the jam exchange earlier this year that you held... I ate one jar then, and saved one for now as a little hold back for myself! That yellow scarf would certainly lift the spirits as well, love some color bling!

Casey said...

I really think you should try and make it into a dress - you're so crafty!

TJ said...

The extra hours of day light definitely lift my spirits!

OO I love it!! opening up jams this time of the year is the BEST!!

LOL keep your eyes open, it might happen :)

Mom said...

Nana drank three or four cups of tea each day. I'm sure it helped her reach 95. Thinking about her lifts my spirits.

It's finally starting to warm up, and and afternoon walk, with the sun on my face is the perfect activity to life my spirits!

Tracy said...

What lifts my spirits most this time of year is my canning obsession...planning everything I want to make and knowing that fresh local produce is on the way!

The sun is what does it for me, and the lack of eight layers. It's finally warm enough (35-40ยบ F) to walk outside and across the street without a coat. I feel like a new person.

jules said...

As someone experiencing S.A.D. for the first time in my life after recently moving away from the equator, SUN lifts my spirits. However, when there is no sun, a nice cup of warm tea does the trick.

Allison Ruth said...

Good, uplifting music goes a long way towards lifting my spirits any day. I've also found that getting outside for at least a few minutes every day really helps my mood.

darla sucy said...

It is uplifting to stumble across other cool people like yourself on the internet! and good food photography always lifts my spirits, and makes my tummy growl! lol i also have a few blogs that i dont really keep up with and and (3rd is the least developed) glad i found your page! (via shop peppermint)

Aww thanks so much Darla! I'll totally check out your pages, thanks for the links! And isn't Peppermint the BEST love love love that place!!

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