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Hmmm maybe I shouldn't call it that LOL. As you may or may not know, I'm into fitness (I currently work out 5 days a week). I fully admit I use it as a way to get to eat more tasty things. Sometimes the quantity of what I'm eating doesn't exactly balance out with the level I'm working out. See my bum for the results. The people at Revolt Now Fitness asked if I'd be interested in joining them for two 6 week programs that promise dramatic results. I'm not getting paid but I am getting free access to their site where you can find daily workout videos and printouts along with a weekly meal planner. In exchange for this I will be blogging about my experience once a week for that time period.


Let's make one thing clear. I'm not going to lie to you at any point during these reviews of my experiences. So the first thing I will tell you is there is no way I'm following their meal plan. For starters you eat the SAME THING EVERY DAY (the menu will change on a weekly basis). The first week is a "detox" so there are no grains/sugar/flour...  I refuse to cut out entire food groups even for a limited time, that's just me. Yes I understand some people need something like this because they can't do an "everything in moderation" lifestyle. Like that word? I believe in a sustainable lifestyle, NOT dieting. (Think the revolt people are shaking their heads saying why oh why did we ask this chick to join?) Moving on... their menu will change each week, so I know it wont be as restrictive as this first week is for long, but I personally still don't believe in following it. Now don't get me wrong I'm sure it's teaching people about portion control and just how many veggies they currently aren't eating. It did give me a little wake up call that I need to get better about my veggies, so I did have a positive takeaway from it. The system is set up with 8 different calorie levels that are based on your current weight and lbs you want to loose, again another good thing about the system, it's not a one size fits all menu.

I do plan on keeping track of what I eat so I have a daily log of calories, remember calories in - calories burned = weight gain or loss. So I think I'll still be good even though I'm doing my own eating plan. (which includes dessert, yeah you heard me, a girl needs to be allowed some sweets in moderation if you ask me and there is nothing wrong with it)

Onto the workouts, so far I've done 2. I used the videos to make sure I knew what the exercises were (pistol squat... what the?? it's a one legged squat, who knew?) Then I used the workout sheet to go through with my own music on for motivation. I was able to do both workouts at home with the use of some dumbbells I already had laying around and my own bodyweight. The workouts are hard but nothing crazy impossible, you do sets of exercises in circuits without breaks so it does get your heart pumping for sure and if you use a challenging weight it's wicked fun. I am enjoying having a plan laid out for working out. I'm normally a gym class rat but a bunch of my normal instructors/classes were cancelled so I've been in a rut of not knowing what I want to do. I'm looking forward to the new workouts each week to keep me motivated and interested.

The other thing I'll honestly tell you is that these sites are a ton of marketing. Marketing that pulls at your heart strings and make you want to believe. I'm a sucker for this type of marketing but have never actually plunked down the money to do one of these programs. So to say I was intrigued when they asked me to participate is an understatement. Because darn-it I want to see if this thing will work for me! But you have to remember: Always look at the fine print, testimonials aren't typical results. There is no magic pill, it's a lot of HARD WORK, and eating healthy.

I will tell you if you are serious about making changes there is a little extra motivation they are offering (not to the bloggers but to people who pay to sign up). Whoever has the most dramatic results after the first 6 weeks will win $10,000, yeah umm WOW. So if you are hardcore and want to get in shape and think you can pull off a biggest looser style change, go for it.

So, did you make it through my lengthy wordy post? Would you ever try a plan like this? If you are doing this plan what are your thoughts?

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jeanne said...

Another type of workout is always a good thing, I think! It's good to mix it up!

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