#AppleSauceInstead and giveaway

How much butter and oil do you use in your weekly baking that could easily be eliminated? I think you'd be surprised.

Not a lick of butter, and look at how awesomely golden and delicious this is. The secret? #AppleSauceInstead Don't feel like you need to stop with your baked goods either, just check out what happens when you replace an energy bar with a container of it.
Musselman's Treadmill
Personally I go with their all natural variety over the original (no high fructose corn syrup in the natural). Musselman's wants to know what you'd sub out in your life to be healthier. And if you comment below you could win an apple sauce prize pack and a yoga ball to get you started on living healthier!

I'm currently using my yoga ball as my chair at work. PLUS I brought in some weights and have been getting in a workout right in my office during my lunch hour! How's that for a replacement!?

As for the granola, the recipe couldn't be easier.

4 cups old fashioned oats
1 cup apple sauce
1/3-1/2 cup agave nectar (depends on your sweet level)
1 cup coconut
1 cup almonds/nut of choice or sunflower seeds

Toss everything together in a large bowl and then spread evenly on a lightly sprayed sheet pan. Bake 30-45 minutes at 350, tossing every 10-15 minutes until crispy and done.

Apple sauce and yoga ball provided to me, opinions are all my own.

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Jeanne said...

Recently I've started subbing running to work rather than driving. .. I do end up taking way more showers in a day, but I love the early morning run.

Great substitution!!

Rebecca said...

To be healthier I'd sub out sitting on my butt after work with a nice walk! Also, I have to say I having been using applesauce as a substitute for butter for years-still delicious and so much healthier!

Anna Banana said...

First, I want to say that I really like your site! Okay, so if I could sub out something in my life, it would probably be replacing coffee and soda with herbal tea. I'm trying to reduce my dependence on caffeine and sugar! Also, if I won this giveaway, I'd sub out my chair for the exercise ball!

Lisa P said...

We are trying to eat more natural foods with little to no preservatives, as well as grow our own veggies and fruits. I also want to get a treadmill desk at work so I can keep active and healthy while at work!

Jen said...

"weekly baking"? I'm confused by the concept. Explain ;)

Malinda said...

Can you use the apple sauce technique with making mixes??

If my mixes you mean cake mixes, YES! Just sub out the oil 1 for 1 with apple sauce. Cuts down on the fat but keeps the cake fluffy and moist :)

Serafina Chinappi said...

I've never made granola without oil... will have to try this next time!

Jordan Dunne said...

I use applesauce or pumpkin in all my baking recipes in place of oils/butter. It makes the perfect mug cakes!

Hannah said...

Pretty clever swap! Granola is always notoriously loaded with oil, so I'm excited to try your super-simple formula.

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