Revolt 2.0 week 5

I'm done with week 5!! of my second uprising of Revolt fitness! That means I only have one week left and I'll be doing a full recap for you all. This doesn't mean I'm going to be stopping the program though. Total truth, I'm keeping this as my go to workout plan. I LOVE it. If you live near me and have heard me talking about it you already know this. I'm pretty much telling everyone I know to give it a try. I'm sure I'm starting to get annoying *sorry*

As I mentioned before, there is an entire diet to go along with the program, I'm not following it in the least, just sticking with my normal "everything in moderation" method because that is what works for me. So I can't speak to the diet and loosing weight aspect of the program, but truthfully the workout alone is enough for me to continue on with Revolt. Another thing I want to mention is the "support" that you get with this group. Once you join you get access to private facebook pages were fellow revolters share their ups and downs. I've seen some amazing transformations going on from couch potatoes to dropping some serious pounds and inches. I wouldn't really expect those results for myself since 1. I was already working out 6 days a week and 2. I'm not following her diet. But even considering those two things, I'm seeing my body change. And as I said in last weeks post, I'm seeing these changes by doing her higher intensity workouts in about 1/2 the time of my old workouts. LOVE!

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